Obesity : Obesity And Obesity

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There are many diseases that follow with being overweight and/or obese. Some places, such as the U.S, that are known for being an obese country. Some people are obese because of their genetics and generations of obese family members and some people are obese just because they eat constantly to solve their problems and don 't move around enough to lose what they ate.There are many ways to solve this problem though, they’re medical treatments, diets, programs to help with obesity, and even foods that can help people lose weight but the world stills seems to be suffering from this horrible disease, possibly because people don 't know the best treatment for obesity, or maybe it is because we as a generation are too lazy, it could even be that…show more content…
Other failures not having to do with diseases are joint failure or muscle spasms may occur because of the extra weight put onto your body. These are only a handful of the diseases/problems that stir up from being overweight and obese and we as people not taking a stand for it. The causes for obesity are the more basics like eating too much and what you are eating too much of is fattening, moving too little or sitting around all day in front of your computer playing games. But then there are the other problems such as you have a “fat gene” and you will automatically be obese. Eating may be the biggest problem and role in being overweight. A quote from www.nhs.uk/ says, “Obesity is generally caused be eating too much and moving too little,” which is one of the move obvious reasons for being overweight. Some foods that we eat we don 't even know are hurting us such as, lean red meat, whole fat milk and avocado are fattening. Some market places and industries are attempting to fatten you up by getting you to buy their product and overeat it.Things that are changeable about obesity are activities such as movement. Stanfordhealthcare.org states that, “obesity is a serious/chronic disease that can have a much greater risk of developing serioud conditions the longer you have it.” This quote from Stanfordhealthcare.org tells us that obesity is a developing problem and it causes serioud conditions. Having a stack of diseases on top of the
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