Obesity : Obesity And The Obesity

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OBESITY in America As the world is growing day by day the problem of obesity is also increasing all over the world. Since from1980 to 2014, the obesity has risen two times as compared to the previous years. The obesity is related to the how much energy is left, but the most important cause of having the obesity is “dysbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure” (Nazarii Kobyliak 1). The obesity is the excessive fat in the body and it can cause to any age group form child to the old person. As, all the countries are facing the problem of obesity, but the study done by centers of disease control and prevention showed that people in America are 33 to 35 % obese and the American expenditure on medical facilities in 2008 is more than $147 billion dollars a year (overweight and obesity). Moreover, factor which help the problem of obesity i.e. food, environmental factor and, Genetic factor. Further, in the essay, the facts and the cause are shown regarding the obesity and different strategies and surgery to prevented form the obesity. The factor due to which the obesity arises is the “individual, a combination of genetics, behavior, environment, culture, and socioeconomic status influences body weight” (Scott) and Scott also explains that the obesity is due to the increase in energy intake and not able to spend that much energy which results into the bad metabolism, insulin is created during the stress. The average of the energy intake by American is 15 percent more
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