Obesity : Obesity Causes And Solutions

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Obesity Causes and Solutions In recent decades, obesity has grown to become considered an epidemic. In Natalie Boreo’s book “Killer Fat”, she discusses this obesity epidemic along with its social, political, economic, and moral influences. A number of factors contribute to the high instances of obesity; a person’s lifestyle, eating habits, culture, sedentary behaviors, activity levels, socioeconomic status, among many others. Sociologists seek to understand the physical, emotional and social influences involving obesity. Boreo brings about the thought-provoking point that throughout history, epidemics were considered to be infectious diseases; though in recent years, this term has loosened to include diseases and conditions that are…show more content…
He had gained and lost weight so many times that he even kept wardrobes in three different sizes for those weight fluctuations. In past years, Roberts had resorted to drastic measures such as extreme diet fads and surgery. Roberts had successfully lost weight after having a laparoscopic gastric-band procedure done, but a year after the procedure he began to gain the weight back. This particular procedure is reported to have a limited effect on losing and maintaining weight loss, as it is simpler and reversible (Galchen, 2017). From a sociological standpoint, the “lap band” was marketed to vulnerable people like Roberts; the company had promotions and radio campaigns, such as “1-800-Get Thin” and “Lap-Band V.I.P.”. These marketing techniques were making this mostly ineffective procedure appear to be a simple cure all for those looking to lose weight fast. Rather than marketing the product using solid facts and science, they marketed their products by preying on the patient’s emotions. This ties in closely with the topics addressed in “Killer Fat”, that companies are now regulated in how the market their products to children. Those who are vulnerable to these marketing techniques shouldn’t be preyed upon just because they have weaknesses in that capacity. Children don’t often have the insight to see past marketing gimmicks directed toward them, and this can also prove true with those battling obesity. The article represented and analyzed obesity from a
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