Obesity Of North America, The Shrinking Population Of Europe

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Just like we have learned that each continent has its physical characteristics that make it unique, each continent also has it’s share of problems. For the purpose of this paper I will research a dilemma each continent may have. I will address the obesity of North America, the shrinking population of Europe, and access to clean water in Asia.
North America (Obesity): Obesity has been an issue that Americans have been fighting for a long time, yet it is not a problem that we have been able to completely get rid of. I will touch base on how obesity is affecting children, how medical costs have increased because of obesity, what factors have contributed to America’s obesity, and how it relates to health and economic factors. To start this off, we need to understand the definition of obesity. Obesity is when your body mass index exceeds 30. Your body mass is determined by your weight and your height. Obesity is self-treatable with the right diet and exercise.
So how is obesity affecting children? According to Reed Tuckson, today’s generation of children will suffer from preventable chronic diseases, which will cause them to have shorter life spans than their parents (Tuckson p 137). Children are consuming unhealthy food and are not as active as they were 30 years ago. Research shows that in the past 30 years, obesity has tripled from less than 5% to nearly 20% (p137). This makes about 32% of U.S. children overweight or obese. This issue goes beyond the household and…
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