Obesity On The Rise Of Obesity

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Obesity on the Rise
Obesity is a fast growing epidemic in America. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in 2009-2010, more than 66 percent of adults are considered overweight, and more than 33 percent are considered obese (Overweight and Obesity Statistics). There are many different factors that cause obesity, including poor nutrition, inactivity, health conditions, heredity, and the environment. Problems that arise due to obesity are costly. Society’s view on meal time and food is changing. Obesity is becoming more prevalent in today’s society. The best way to solve this rising epidemic is by taking action and living a healthier lifestyle.
Obesity is linked to many contributing factors. One large factor is a lack of energy balance, which happens when you bring in more energy than your body uses. With the rise of fast food restaurants over the past decades, Americans are eating more and more calories every day. When you eat and drink more calories than you burn each day, over time, you will gain weight (What Causes Overweight and Obesity?).
Another factor is having an inactive lifestyle. Electronics have taken over the time people used to spend doing physical activities. People spend hours in front of their TVs, computers, smart phones, and use their cars to go everywhere. If you were to ask your parents, or even grandparents what life was like when they were young, they won’t tell you they spent it in front of a screen or in the seat of a car.
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