Obesity : Questions And Answers On Health Care Stakeholders

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Stakeholder # 1: The state of Connecticut enacting a policy to address the incidence of obesity among the residents would impact health care providers, insurance companies and fast food restaurants. Enacting a policy to address obesity would directly impact health care providers. Health care providers would discuss with patients that are obese and how they could lose weight. This means that health care providers will be getting more patients which equals to getting more money. An individual that is obese will be at risk for many health conditions. That individual will need to go to their health care provider making sure that they do not have any other conditions. If that individual does have a health condition, they will need to
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Fast food restaurants are making a lot of money because people who go in there would rather get a whole meal which include fries, a burger and a drink for $5, then get a salad bowl that costs more than $5. It’s cheaper for people to eat bad then to good because all the healthy foods are more expensive than the other foods that aren’t good for your body. Fast food restaurants would probably need to close their restaurants in specific areas because less and less people would purchase food form there.
Policy Options
Option # 1: Health Fairs In multiple cities in Connecticut where there would be health fairs at least once or twice a month. The Department of Public Health and local health departments would work together to develop the effective health fair for those cities where it is mostly needed. According to the CDC, a health fair is “an event where organizations have an opportunity to disseminate health information to the public at booths and/or to provide health screenings” (CDC, 2013). It would free of charge to the community members. This health fair would provide people with information on obesity and ways they could prevent it. There would also be screenings for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, hypertension and cancer. They’re would be nutritionists
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