Obesity, Self Esteem, & Depression Essay

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Obesity has been a life long struggle. While myself and fifty percent of adults in the United States are battling obesity, the psychological effects have become larger than the obesity itself. Not only are we forced to deal with the physical effects of being overweight, I, like others have had to overcome the psychological effects as well. Low self esteem has been a challenge and has ultimately fueled my bout with depression. Although obesity, low self esteem, and depression are three separate issues, they are all linked and are all relevant to not only me, but to millions of Americans.
Obesity, as defined as a body weight fifteen percent or more above the ideal for one's height and age. It is typically evaluated by
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Psychological factors also play a large role in obesity. Many people eat in response to negative emotions such as sadness, depression and anger. These people are generally binge eaters. During a binge eating episode, a person eats large amounts of food and feel that they cannot control how much they are eating. These people have more difficulty losing weight and keeping it off than others without a binge eating problem. It is common that binge eaters suffer from low self esteem and depression.
Self esteem is defined as how we feel about ourselves.The way that one feels about them self can be positive resulting in high self esteem, or negative resulting in low self esteem. Self esteem evolves throughout a person's life based on their experiences and relationships. The way that one is treated by those closest to them can be a huge factor in determining their level of self esteem. Abuse, excessive criticism, neglect, and lack of support or love can all contribute to a person having low self esteem. Body image, a person's perception of his or her physical appearance, is another factor in self esteem. Those who feel unsatisfied with their physical appearance tend to have low self esteem. People with low self esteem tend to display certain symptoms. Anxiety and fear are the main the characteristics and may lead to panic attacks where the person will become withdrawn after suffering when feeling embarrassed or
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