Obesity : Social And Economic Implications

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Obesity is an increasingly large problem in the entire world today. Not only in America, but weight is increasing across the globe. There are major health, social and economic implications that impact us all, not just those that are overweight. If you just look around, wherever you are, you typically see quite a few people who are obese or morbidly obese. It is a sad but true fact in today’s society. These children are affected in schools throughout the country. Other children who are in average weight ranges tend to bully, pick on, teased, and terrorized the heavier children. Children can be very mean no matter the situation, some will do whatever it takes to find a way to harass you. So as a parent, by letting your child become overweight you are setting them up to be bullied and have a host of health problems throughout their lives. “I think it is the parents responsibility to watch their child’s weight but offering healthy food choices and giving them plenty of time to play and exercise.” says Ashley Chavez. Obesity in childhood often leads to obesity in adulthood, proving that the choices we make when we are young and the choices are parents make for us, are very important. Not only do the choices we make have a long term impact on our health, it also affects other aspects of our lives in adulthood as well. A study done with national data tracked 5,000 high schoolers for 20 years. An epidemiologist with the University of Michigan named Philippa Clarke gathered the
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