Obesity : The Average Percent Of People Getting Obese

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The average percent of people getting obese is increasing daily. Jay Zagorsky, a scientist at Ohio State University writes that the rate of obesity in USA increased from 13% in the 1960s to 35% (Vanderkam). The people who are getting obese are different genders, but Jay Zagorsky stated that women who receives public assistance have a higher possibility of getting obese than who don’t (Vanderkam). Research from Health Policy Tracking Service, 2008, emphasizes that “A greater percentage of adolescents from families living in poverty are obese (23%), compared with those from families of a higher socioeconomic status (14%)” (Green et al.). Obesity relates to the socioeconomic status because unhealthy food is cheaper than healthy food, high availability of fast foods in the crowded neighborhoods, and lack of physical activities.
Poverty is lack of basic needs such as food and shelter. The average people who are living in poverty is increasing. 13 percent of the American population are poor (Deparle). Statistics made by the Census Bureau, from 1988, stated that the poor people in the United States were 31.7 million (Deparle). A thirty years ago, the average American family spent approximately three times of their income by food, while now, the average increased a total of five times of their income (Deparle). This means that people are spending more money on food. So they can’t avoid to buy the cheap, unhealthy food that causes obesity. As people getting poor, they are also…
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