Obesity : The Current State Of Obesity

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Fatty Taxes The current state of obesity in the United States is a greater than that of other countries who live healthier lifestyles. Living healthy lifestyles is a great goal for a country to look towards achieving, and encouraging these lifestyles can benefit the country as well as the people. There are a lot of benefits for living healthy lifestyles, while there are also many negatives to living an unhealthy lifestyle. Taxing fatty foods would help to encourage buying healthy foods, and it could reduce obesity rates in America. There are a couple of problems within this way of thinking like: profits declining, people having to spend more, and the government going against the people. But the overall benefits of having more and more people move towards a healthier lifestyle would greatly overrule the downsides of it. Being able to lower the risk of disease by encouraging healthy lifestyles is something to stride for. Taxing fatty foods would be a great way to help encourage people to buy healthier foods and to lead healthier, fitter lives. With the state of unhealthy foods in the United States, where it is easily available to get "fatty" foods rather than the opposite, the obesity rates have gone up. The obesity epidemic has gone from an inconvenience to a soon-to-be problem. "In 2010, about 35.7% of U.S. adults — nearly 78 million people — were obese. That’s up from 30.5% in 2000, but not much of a difference from 33.7% in 2008" (Healthland.time.com). With the steady
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