Obesity : The Obesity Contributor Essay

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Running Head: THE OBESITY CONTRIBUTOR 1 THE OBESITY CONTRIBUTOR 5 The Obesity Contributor Tashira M. Santiago Keiser University The Obesity Contributor From drive-through restaurants, to Chicken Mc-nuggets to a hamburger joint, McDonald?s has come a long way. It?s the leading chain of fast food restaurants in the world that serves more than 55 million clients on the daily basis. In 1940, the corporation was established by two brothers from California, Maurice and Richard McDonald. However, directed by Ray Kroc, the current McDonald?s business times its establishment to the inaugural of a licensed restaurant on 1955, in Illinois. Later, the McDonalds expanded globally after Kroc bought the brothers? capital in the company. Today, McDonald?s runs about 32,000 restaurants globally, in about 115 countries (Eric, 2001). The restaurant provides its clients with great tasting and cheap food; dealers with a mutual obligation to deliver the highest quality products and ingredients; and franchisee and staff with opportunities for growth. Through its growth into numerous worldwide markets, the company has become a figure of globalization and a great supporter of how Americans live. It has become a common public debate topic about consumer responsibility, company ethics, and obesity, due to its fame (Eric, 2001). As a great fast food hamburger joint is known to offer affordable food, great services and atmosphere for its clients. While franchisees

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