'Obesity'' The Problem Of Children!. Are You Aware Of

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' 'Obesity ' ' the problem of children! Are you aware of that over million American children are struggling with obesity? Obesity is a serious medical and psychological condition that affects children, adult, and elderly people. According to WHO, People who are above the normal weight for their age and height are called obese. Being overweight an early age has been global problematic. As Cause, high number of obesity results from an abnormal intake of unhealthy food and drink and also unable to burn calorie. There are also problems with personal hereditary back ground that is important in determining obesity risk. Technology, especially phones, video games and television are becoming a main reason for obesity too. They are spending more…show more content…
Further more, The effect of checking out an individual intake or diet as a mass instead of target on personal food preference, especially on children is helpful to minimize the risk factors. And also the big responsibility is in order to minimize the global problem of being overweight which is commonly on children are Family and school representatives. They must investigate and evaluate the diet which is the texture, type, and size of the meal taken by children. Moreover, the family needs to supervise their children entire activity at home too. The health consequence of being overweight at the age of childhood is related to obesity on adults and obese on elderly people. This means obese in children 's are more exposed for: Hypertension, Diabetes, bone deformity, and Apnea when they reach middle age and old age. Although the problem of being overweight or having over weighted physical can be avoided and can be lost when a child or adolescents reaches to normal weight range by working hard. If not, they still face serious health problems. Furthermore, the reason for heart problems in most people is being overweight in early age or childhood. For example, When the children develop high cholesterol level in their blood system, it will block the blood circulation and cause heart attacks. There may be physical
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