Obesity : The Struggle That Americans Face Today

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Victor Herrera
Whitney Nelson
English 2010-045
31 October 2014
Why Are Americans Bigger? I write this proposal on obesity as it relates to the struggle that Americans face today. As a young child growing up, I had a struggle with being bigger. I was on the verge of becoming obese in the ninth grade. Weighing in at 260 lbs, with common health issue that I may be diagnosed with, I knew I must range my life for the better. Obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure runs in my family, so it is not a surprise when a relative becomes bigger or has diabetes. The reason why I became so big was that I have hypothyroidism, meaning, my thyroid gland does not produce adequate amounts of hormones to metabolize what I had eaten. So instead of my food being converted to energy, it was converted and stored into fat. Thus leaving me extremely tired. I would not even go through half the day without taking a long, and I would be more hungry. With my own past and present experience, my study on obesity will focus on the reasons why Americans are so big. I will define obesity as having too much body fat and having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 30. Questions asked might be: who is obese? What are some common health issues related to obesity? What can be done about this issue? Turning the table around and getting everyone involved in the social issue will improve the wellbeing of Americans in the United States. Throughout my research, I came across an article, “Overweight and Obesity in…
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