Obesity : The Weight Of The Nation

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According to the media article, Whose Fault is our Fat? Obesity solely stems from Americans not participating in enough physical activity. On the other hand, Family Stressors and Child Obesity, attributes the stem of childhood obesity to stressors, particularly family stressors. Another possible explanation for obesity, other than Americans not getting enough physical activity or stressors, comes from the movie, watched in lecture, The Weight of the Nation. This movie makes the connection of rates of obesity to living in poverty areas. The movie also firmly believes that Americans are turning to quick, processed, and readily made meals, instead of healthy food options. The article, Family Stressors and Child Obesity, does not entirely disagree with, Whose Fault is our fat? they believe that the theory of lack of exercise causes obesity needs to be expanded. Their idea of obesity stemming from stress is a relatively new discovery. Family Stressors and Child Obesity, surveyed over two thousand children and adolescence from age five to seventeen. The article looked for a connection between obesity and six common stressors: family disruption and conflict, mental and physical health problems, housing issues, health care struggles, financial strain, and lack of cognitive stimulation and emotional support. The connection they found was younger children were more likely to be overweight or obese if they resided in a household where cognitive stimulus and emotional support were not
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