Obesity Today 's Youth And Obesity Essay

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In the past couple of years there has been an uproar about American health. People are starting to take notice of the fact that American citizens are getting fatter and fatter every day. Recently, there have been many documentaries about obesity in today’s youth. Children are gaining more weight and everyone thinks it is because of technology and the lack of outdoor play. That could be the reason, but it can also be something entirely different. America is known for their big meals and fattening fast food. There are fast food restaurants around every corner and it is cheap so this also contributes to the obesity rate rising. Americans are known to other countries as the “fat ones”. They stereotype Americans as these fat and lazy people who only think about themselves and, to be honest, it is kind of true. America is the second country with the most obese people, following closely behind Mexico. Obesity is at its all-time high and the government is slowly taking action to help this growing epidemic. The problem is the fact that citizens are becoming obese and the obese rate in America will only get larger if the citizens do not listen to what the government and the people in general are trying to tell them when they pass all of these laws and actually take action against obesity. This paper will examine the government’s involvement in obesity in American citizens today. The paper will first discuss the causes of obesity and how out of hand it is starting to

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