Obesity: a Problem with Personal Responsibility

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Obesity: A Problem With Personal Responsibility

Drinking too much water will kill you. However, this is not a reason for the government to regulate how much water people drink. There are many dangers in life that the public should be informed of in order to shape their decisions. Eating too much fatty food can cause serious health issues or death, but the government should not regulate what types and quantities of foods Americans eat. The solution to obesity cannot come from government control of what we eat, but instead, must come from informing the public about nutrition and health. A well-informed public will make more responsible choices than an uninformed population. Spreading information and common sense can prevent obesity.
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No one, with all the information available today, could blame the fast food corporations for their own obesity if they choose to eat fast food every day for every meal. The movie, Super Size Me starring Morgan Spurlock, is very realistic in portraying how someone's health will respond to binge eating fast food. This documentary explores the consequences of eating only McDonalds for a month. No intelligent individual could possibly be surprised by the outcome: gaining weight and raising his body mass index (BMI). Although his health problems were extreme, including near-catastrophic liver damage, his course of action was extreme as well. This movie shows that the people who develop serious health problems from eating fast food are those who are completely oblivious to health and insist on eating greasy fast food for every meal. In fact, Scott Caswell provides a different, more realistic perspective in his movie, Bowling for Morgan, where he eats more sensible meals, losing twenty pounds and lowering his cholesterol. Caswell claims, "You don't get fat by eating McDonald's. You get fat by overeating while making documentaries about getting fat." If you try to make yourself become fat or are irresponsible enough to not make good decisions, then you will get fat. However, people who want to spoil themselves at certain times should not be deprived of the apparent difference of taste more
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