Obesity and Health Care Providers

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1. What is the decision-making process for Metabical? Who is involved in the process?

Market research: investigating into the overall adult overweight situation in U.S. fand overweight population and consumers’ perception of the currently existed weight-loss drugs.
Analyzing differential advantages: CSP should recognize the Metabical’s competitive factors first. Metabical is the first prescription drug approved by FDA and has less negative side effect and can magically loss weight.
Recognizing target consumers: the target consumers are overweight individuals with a BMI of 25-30 who want to live healthier and health care providers who would be prescribing Metabical.
Analyzing the main concern of target consumers: for direct consumers,
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They are concerned with health issues caused by overweight and willing to change lifestyle and behavior. The target consumers are determined by characteristics of Metabical.
Firstly, no prescription-drug options which are specifically for the overweight segment (BMI of 25 to 30) were available in 2008. Thus, the market is underserved that easy for Metabical to entry and gain awareness.
Secondly, Metabical has negative side effects when users consume high levels of fat and calories. Metabical can achieve effectiveness of weight-loss with the complement of reasonable diet and exercise regimen. The target customers aged 35-65 with college education are mostly to comply with the requirements and the lifestyle skills for healthy weight maintenance after initial weight loss was achieved.
Thirdly, the retail price estimated for the drug would be $3-$5 daily with the average course of treatment lasting 12 weeks.
$3: expense = $3*7*12= $252
$5: expense = $5*7*12= $420
Thus, the price is more acceptable and worthwhile for consumers with income of more than $80000.

3. How should CSP identify and employ the differential advantages that Metabical offers to position itself in the marketplace?

Before CSP positions Metabical in the marketplace, CSP should analyze strength, weakness, opportunity and threat of Metabical. Then CSP could position Metabical
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