Obesity and Healthcare Cost

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Introduction The intent of this paper is to explore the correlation between obesity and increased cost to companies for their healthcare coverage of all employees. Our hypothesis is that obesity is increasing the cost of healthcare company wide due to obesity and the diseased associated with this epidemic. Our null hypothesis is that the effects and treatment of obesity is not having a direct impact on the total healthcare cost of organizations. Obesity has both direct and indirect effects. Direct effects we will explore are lost time due to increased use of sick days and restrictive work duties. A few of the indirect costs are the cost of medication for diseases directly related to obesity, such as but not limited to, Diabetes, High…show more content…
The researchers used the Body Mass Index (BMI) categories to classify participants in the study. The study used a two part, multi-variable model, adjusted for age, gender, race, income, education level, and type of health insurance, marital and smoking status (Arterburn, Maciejewski & Tsevat). The results of the survey are as follows: The two most common research techniques are to randomly select a nationally representative sample and conduct either a phone or written survey of the subjects. A few researchers select individuals for their survey, but another common technique is to select a random sample of Physicians and interview them about their patients. The first survey techniques appear to have more issues with reliability and validity than using doctors. If the researcher used an internet survey they would leave out a large block of people who cannot afford to or choose not to own a computer. In the research above, education and socioeconomic status was a deciding factor in obesity with people at the lower level experiencing obesity more often than people at a higher level. To effectively eliminate them from the study will can it to be flawed. Likewise, attempting to reach people at home and get their answers to the survey questions will be difficult because people are busier now that at any time in
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