Obesity and Its Related Issues

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Obesity and its related issues; diabetes, coronary disease, osteo-disease, and liver and renal failure, is an endemic problem in contemporary American society. So much so, for instance, that First Lady Michelle Obama has announced an initiative fighting obesity. She, too, is calling obesity an epidemic and one of the greatest threats to the future health of the United States. Her approach is multifaceted, concentrating on education, availability of healthy foods, and exercise programs for youth so that children become habituated into healthier eating and exercise regimes (Hellmich, 2010). Unfortunately, the United States in 2012 is not a healthy country, and has not been for some time. Studies from a number of private and public research areas tell us that the alarming trend toward obesity has put the nation at risk, costing over $135 billion per annum on the low end of estimates. Indeed, it is alarming to note that the trend toward obesity has exponentially risen in every single region of the United States since 1991, as reported by the "Get America Fit Foundation" (Obesity Related Statistics in America, 2008). Besides being a recognized pandemic, the issue of obesity affects millions in terms of quality of life (diabetes, heart disease, osteo issues, renal failure, and even psychological depression). The irony is that the obesity issue is also directly tied to modern lifestyles fast food, sugared drinks, high-carbohydrates and preservatives and not enough fresh fruit
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