Obesity and Physical Activity in Schools

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Engaging in acts of physical activity from a young age is very important for both the mental and physical health of a child; the habits learnt in youth tend to continue onto adulthood thus having an effect on the prevalence of obesity and related illnesses in society. “Obesity is increasing steeply in Australia” ( Magarey, A. M., Daniels, L. A. and Boulton, T. J. 2001) “and almost 25% of children are affected” (Booth, Wake, Armstrong, Chey, Hesketh, and Mathur.2001). So why is physical activity so important for children and what age is instilling positive habits most beneficial? What roles do teachers of today play in addressing and preventing obesity in our children and what are effective strategies to do this? The benefits of…show more content…
Fun activities like hopping to the bathroom, skipping to other activities around the classroom can also be incorporated and can aid in children’s refinement of fine and gross motor skills. Additionally exercise shouldn’t be used as punishment. Children learn to dislike things used as punishments. Penalizing children with physical activity might lead them to avoid activities that are important for maintaining their health. Integrate nutrition education lessons into the curriculum. You can apply nutrition education information into science, maths, language art and health lessons. Along with students collect pictures of healthy nutritional foods and junk foods from magazines, and newspapers. Have the students help to categorize the foods on posters healthy food and junk food. Display this in the classroom where everyone can see and use it at a reference for children to set realistic, well-defined, measurable goals for themselves regarding healthy eating and physical activity. Teachers have a valuable contribution to make in the domain of physical activity and the prevention of childhood obesity, they are however secondary to the role played by family who play the largest role in instilling a healthy lifestyle on their children. School professionals are often uneducated about nutrition and methods of prevention. In order for future prevention of obesity to be a success, perseverance and ongoing training for
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