Obesity as a Disorder

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Obesity to some may not be technically a disorder or disease. Although those skeptics may have some excellent points the American Medical Association has officially reviewed and determined obesity to be a disorder. Obesity is simply just excess or extreme amount of body fat. Obesity is one of the most controversial health topics considering the amount of disagreements about it being an official disorder. One of the major disorder criteria’s that obesity meets is that it impairs the human body functions. When a person becomes obese they tend to eat more they can manage to burn off and those calories are stored as body fat. As this pattern of unhealthiness proceeds then more unwanted body fat will build up to a point where the risk for…show more content…
No one is certain what starts the processes that cause diabetes, but scientists believe genes and environmental factors interact to cause diabetes in most cases (US Department of Health and Human service). Obesity’s mutations has been discovered and researched by many scientists. They have found that a mutation in the brain-derived neurotropic gene doesn’t allow neurons to properly pass insulin and leptin chemical signals through the brain. Leptin is a hormone that is created by fat cells. Leptin tells your brain when to stop being hungry and when to be hungry. The inability of the Leptin signals to get through the brain may causes a person to not know when to stop eating. Insulin prevents fat from being used by the body as an energy source. What makes obesity’s heredity particularly hard to study is that it can be tough to make out whether someone inherited the tendency to be overweight but there is no gene for obesity, or if it is diet and lifestyle habits that are likely to make a person gain weight. Families tend to develop a lot of the same eating habits (Hillary Wright). Obesity is sex-linked in some ways such as woman being more likely to become obese or overweight due to the after effects of pregnancy. Obesity has a specific chromosome its associated with. Chromosome 15 stems from a condition known as PWS (Prader-Willi-Syndrome). This disease or disorder involves
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