Obesity as a Major Social Problem: The Current Situation

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Introduction The various health complications brought about by obesity are well documented. Nutritional experts have over time argued that obese individuals are at a higher risk of developing other health complications including but not limited to diabetes, coronary heart disease etc (Sobel and Schneider 47). However, regardless of the adverse consequences of obesity, the statistics (highlighted elsewhere in this text) clearly indicate that America is increasingly becoming an obese nation. With that in mind, obesity can be regarded one of the most urgent social problems the U.S. faces. In an attempt to contain the soaring rates of obesity, experts have offered various solutions over time. The U.S. should implement prevention and intervention measures to deal with the problem of obesity. This will in turn help reduce medical costs to individuals for the treatment of obesity related conditions, enhance the prosperity of the nation and help bring down the national healthcare costs. Obesity as a Major Social Problem: The Current Situation Obesity according to the American Medical Association is "a condition in which excess body fat may compromise the health of an individual" (Reilly and Markenson 570). In the recent past, obesity has come to be seen as a serious social problem not only in the United States but also across the world. As Yancy notes, "obesity is depleting our nation's pocketbook and devastating the health and wellness of millions of Americans" (n. pag.). In
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