Obesity is NOT a Disease Essay

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The leading cause of emphysema is due to the smoking of cigarettes, just as the leading cause of HIV/AIDS is due to unprotected sex. Obesity contributes to heart disease as well as several other diseases. Unprotected sex, smoking, and obesity are not the disease; they are the cause of disease. Many public forums such as the news, health professionals, educational articles, and pharmaceutical companies have referred to obesity as a disease. There is a growing debate in America about whether or not obesity is a disease and if it is appropriate to call it a disease. Obesity has not been officially classified as a disease but many feel it is necessary. Obesity should not be classified as a disease - it does not fit the fefinition. Obesity is…show more content…
There are many unknowns about obesity which make it difficult to pinpoint such as, whether it is inherited, genetic, or completely self imposed. If obesity is classified as a disease, according to this definition, it is implied that individuals have no responsibility for being obese, it happens completely random. However, the obese hold full responsibility for their appearance and by no means is obesity accidental or random. Obesity is a self-imposed condition brought about by destruction. Otis Kramer and Nancy Sprague declare that obesity is the result of consuming excess calories and not engaging in enough physical activity (par. 7). Overweight people are aware of the gradual physical changes to their body before becoming obese. By no means does obesity happen accidentally, it can almost always be prevented. An increase in food intake will always require an increase in physical activity. It is irrational to claim that obesity happens randomly and individuals have no responsibility for being obese. Critics argue that genetic factors play a role in obesity. Within the American Heritage Dictionary’s definition of disease, it mentions that a disease is a genetic effect (Hawley, par. 5). Genetics is a complicated topic which is why it is even more complicated when it comes to the genetics of obesity. Researchers haven’t established how great of an impact genetics have on
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