Obey or Disobedience

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AMO Obey Or Disobedience ROUGH DRAFT In the story by Fromm, his outlook on obedience and disobedience is that we have the ability to obey but the capacity to disobey is something that society has influenced us to do naturally. Obedience and disobedience has always been part of a never ending cycle that is consistently going round and round. Throughout history it has been evident that soldier’s obey their commander’s, that knights uphold the ruling of their king, and that their disobedience is about the shifting of power. So, too, is our nation being part of that cycle and repeating history. Our nation’s soldiers obey orders given by the President. Whether they are right or wrong it is an order they obeyed countless of times.…show more content…
We make necessary choices in order for us to be accepted in society, yet we challenge what we were taught and conform to our perspective of what society wants for us to be. You always hear the term, “There are two types of people…” Being that those two types are the Yin and Yang, the lovers and the haters, it is the opposites that make the stereotype of each other. In the Ashe article, it talked about how we conform to the position we are given. If you were one of the poisoners, you would imitate and believe that you are one. If you are a guard, you would play the part and show the power you hold to those that are beneath you. That is society; those that are on top would always look down upon those that are beneath them and those beneath would do almost anything to bask in their glory. And then there are those that would do what they can to bring them down. Society has naturally catered to those that are disobedient, it may be from fear of their new found power and wealth, or it may be that they are righteous and know what their actions are for the good of all. We are the one that put them on the pedestal of admiration. We learned from a young age to honor and respect those that put themselves on the line for the good of the nation. Being raised into the military lifestyles was hard and very obedient. My
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