Object And Purpose Of The Study

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Object And Purpose Of The Study The Concept of Victimology has been a topic of grave significance related to the criminal justice system in our country. Victimology in theory cannot be understood as a whole and hence it needs to be supported by applied concepts and practical outlook is an essential to this. The victim many a time is not provided with proper justice or it is delayed so long as to render it incapable for providing a just environment for the victim. Many a times the compensation awarded is so meager that leads to no improvement in the situation of the victim. These victims are considered to be the most vulnerable ones and against whom the crime is done but also they are the most exploited section during the trial or even before the trial commences. Of these victims the most exploited ones are the poor strata of society who don’t have privileges like the normal person in his real life and after any crime leading to amputation he is left with no work or if gets employed the payment also decreases. In such cases, the compensation awarded cannot provide for their family in many instances even for an year while the concept of compensation was made to provide the person with the amount with which he and his family can live the normal life as they used to before the occurrence of any such crime. If the victim tries to continue defending his right in that case as well he has to wait in a long line of pending cases where justice is
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