Object-Based Visual Attention in 8-Month-Old Infants:

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What is the research question(s) the author is trying to answer? In this study the authors Hermann Bulf and Eloisa Valenza’s, looked to replicate the findings of an earlier experimenter named Elgy. They expressed how this specific topic of object-based attention in infants had not been widely explored; therefore their main focus was to find out the object-based visual attention of infants that are eight months of age. In doing so the author’s also had to measure more directly whether the object-based component of visual attention found adults is present in 8-month-old infants using unclouded and partly occluded objects. Although, the sole question that Bulf and Valenza were investigating was whether or not object-based attention is present during the first year of life? There reason for conducting this experiment was to measure the level of object-based attention, if any, in eight month olds, gaining a better understanding of the development of infants object representations. What are the independent and dependent variables? Being that this study had several conditions in the experiments there were three independent variables in the experiments of this study. They were based on which stimuli the participant was being presented with. The independent variable for both the adult and infant experiment was dependent on whether the experimenter showed the participant the valid target, invalid same-object target, or the invalid different-object target. The dependent variable
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