Object Relations Theory : A Theory Of Relationships

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Object Relations Two Major Assumptions: Object relations theory is a theory of relationships between people particularly within a family believing that humans have a need to connect with others. More so, expressing a belief that we are driven to form relationships with others and that failure to do so successfully leads to later problems. This theory has deepened our understanding of humans and their relationships, as well as transformed social policies for example children are placed in foster homes instead of impersonal institutions. Proponents of the theory: This theory was developed by Melanie Klein, William Ronald Fairbairn, Anna Freud, Michael Balint, and Donald Winnincott. How individuals are viewed: Object Relations theory believes…show more content…
Within the boundaries of the system, patterns develop as certain family member 's behavior is caused by and causes other family member 's behaviors which can lead to a balance or dysfunction in the family system. Proponents of the theory: Dr. Murray Bowen a psychiatrist introduced this theory. Developmental concept of the theory: The theory was formulated by using systems to integrate knowledge of the human species as a product of growth with knowledge from family research, with eight interlocking concepts. (Differentiation of the self, nuclear family emotional system, family projection process, triangles, multigenerational transmission process, emotional cutoff, sibling position, and societal emotional process) How individuals are viewed: This theory views individual as being shaped by the family dynamic, each member is expected to respond to each other in a certain way according to their role. How problems are viewed: Problems are the result of a member of the system not performing their role which may lead to dysfunction in the family system. How change takes place: Maintaining the same pattern of behaviors within a system may lead to balance in the family system, but also may cause dysfunction. For example, if a father is depressive and cannot pull himself together, the mother may need to take up more responsibilities to pick up the slack which changes the family dynamic. The change in roles may maintain the

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