Object Relations Theory Is A Psychodynamic Theory

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Object Relations Theory Object relations theory is a psychodynamic theory that observes our capability to form long-lasting attachments, and is based on our early experiences of disconnection from and connections with out primary caregivers. We internalize our initial relationship examples, which means that our first relationships make lasting impressions on us, determining how we approach future relationships. Also, object relations theory studies how people form various attitudes towards others and how those attitudes affect their view of themselves as well as social relationships. There is a central notion of object relation’s theory, which is that all people naturally search for relationships with others, what this theory looks at is how well an individual can form the interpersonal relationship and what, if any, deficiencies in social functioning may have occurred. For social workers, this theory is helpful in seeing an individual in the framework of the relationship rather than an individual being. According to object relations theory, the ultimate situation is to be raised by caregivers who in turn help us to progressively and appropriately move away from their physical and emotional direct care while they continue to convey their availability for support (Hutchison, 2013). These early associations are a major determinant of our personalities and the quality of our interpersonal performance (Hutchison, 2013; Dorfman, Meyer, & Morgan, 1998). Essentially, an
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