Object Relations Theory Essay

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OBJECT RELATIONS THEORIES AND SELF PSYCHOLOGY Object Relations and Self Psychology Object relations refers to interpersonal relations 2. Object refers to that which will satisfy a need. Significant person or thing that is target of another's feelings (drives). 3. In combination with relations, object refers to interpersonal relations and suggests inner residues of past relations shaping present relations 4. Object relations theorists investigate the early formulation and differentiation of psychological structure and how these inner structures are manifested in interpersonal situations 5. Theorists focus on relationships of early life that leave lasting impression within the psyche of the individual. 1. Residues…inner…show more content…
Helps the immature infant hold both feelings together…with maturity can integrate feelings…infant uses splitting to keep apart the conflicting feelings toward the good and bad aspects of mothering Object Relations Theorist Share a common concern about the [primacy or relationships over innate instinctual drives 5. Shifts from instinct to early relationships Emphasize environmental influences Weight is given to how the infant develops a ‘self’ through relationships within family and how this self relates toward others Study disorders in relationships – (personality disorders) Self Psychology Emphasis on certain aspects of object relations Nature and kind of investment in the self Normal narcissism is part of traditional theory 40. Kohut refers to narcissism - persons deal with objects as if objects were part of self and that objects performs critical functions for the self Core Issues Nature of objects and shift from emphasis on drives. Nature and formation of psychic structures Developmental stages viewed in terms of relationships with objects Different views of conflict and consequences for therapy Nature of Objects Freud – the object is the creation of drives; object relations are the function of drives 46. Klein gave greater weight to the interpersonal environment; interested in drives as viewed in transactions between infant and caregiver Fairbairn – main drive of a person is for a relationship; not the satisfaction of a
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