Objectages And Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Biomaterials

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Biomaterials 2 Advent 2 Advantages and disadvantages 3 Uses: 4 Disposal: 5 Their economics: 6 Biological materials 8 Advent 8 Advantages and disadvantages 9 Uses: 9 Disposal: 10 Their economics: 10 Nanomaterials 12 Advent 12 Advantages and disadvantages 12 Uses: 13 Disposal: 14 Their economics: 15 References: 17 BIOMATERIALS ADVENT One of the earliest uses of non-biological materials within the body was the wooden toe prosthetic in 1065-740BC in early Egypt. However, research within the field and therefore the 1st generation of biomaterials was recognized a lot of conspicuously in 1960 to 1970. Throughout this time period biomaterial research encompassed all materials designed to be used within the body. These materials…show more content…
• Growth enhancing materials are added to cell media to promote cell line growth. Disadvantages: • Inhibit biomedical analysis by limiting access to materials and strategies that are key to developing new treatments. Patents may also impede analysis if they produce a cumbersome or costly “tollbooth” through that researchers should pass. • Provide no incentive for biomedical analysis if there's no profitable market for ultimate treatments, as is the case with some rare diseases or diseases affecting individuals within the developing world. • Drive up the price of health care if patent holders charge excessive costs for proprietary diagnostic tests and treatments. (Josephine Johnston and Angela Wasunna,2007) USES: The use of biological materials is generally safer for human patients by reducing the chance of infection and rejection. Biological materials can be found in many industries including education, research, medicine, dentistry, engineering, and paper and textile development. Examples of biological material application are given below. Uses: Dental implants Grafting and scaffolding

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