Objectification Of Women 's Media

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Name Course Instructor Date The Objectification of Women in Media Introduction Objectification of women is a trend that is coming up in the entertainment industry especially in movies, music videos, music and television. This development seems to be affecting women more than men. The wave of women stereotypes is dangerous for the society because it is bound to affect how men and women relate to each other and promote unhealthy habits in the masses that are exposed to such incorrect media representation of women. This issue is especially tricky to handle because it is evident that the more the media depicts women as sexual objects, the more viewers seem to be entertained and buy into it. This viewership is not restricted to the men, but women also subscribe to such obscenities. By using incorrect and perverse representation of women, the media is able to shape the societies ideologies on dating, marriage and sex. It is also important to note that this problem falls across the demographic divide, young or old, black or white; they all seem to have fallen for this media craze. The actions of the media have been allowed because sex sells and the society has shown that it has approved the objectification of women. Immanuel Kant has been instrumental in contemporary feminist discussions and has shared a lot on this topic. Kant thoughts are that depiction of sex outside a monogamous marriage leads to objectification. He writes in his lectures on ethics that during sexual love
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