Objectifying Music Videos

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Music video contents portrayed women as sexual object and would satisfy any men fantasies whenever and however. It distorted the view of women not as an equal being but as someone inferior than man, some trophy that man can win and show off. Content of music video place and big emphasis on women sexual appeal, reinforces the ideology of women’s sexuality as nothing but her outer appearance (Mischner, Schie, Wigboldus, Baaren, Engel, 2013). Studies have found that music video influences how women think and feel about themselves. According to Nikodym (2013), many women listen to explicit music will try to understand the information more thoroughly, which leads to rejecting of these objectifying lyrics. However, many will internalize the outsider’s perception of their body, self objectified, thinking “I am my body” and nothing else, will lead to anxiety, shames, frequent appearance monitoring and not being able to reach their motivational state to perform important physical and mental tasks (Nikodym, 2013).…show more content…
Low self-esteem women may pose a risk to developing body image disturbance following objectifying media exposure. Women with low self-esteem perceived their body size as bigger, they will more likely to think negatively of themselves. This is the core of many health and mental issues in modern day such as eating disorders, depression, as well as skewing the way women think and use their body. Female artists, as models of many young women, objectifying themselves in their own music video (71.7% of the music video by female artists contain sexually objectifying content of themselves or other female artists), in priming effect, would skew the belief of female as responsible for any sexual advantage they might experience (Aubrey, Hopper and Mbure,
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