Essay on Objections and Rebuttals

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Objections and Rebuttals

Whenever a customer has an objection to the offer or price, the problem is not that offer or the price it is actually that we as advocates have failed to build enough value in the product to justify the price. So in actuality the reason for the objection more often than not is that the customer is telling us that they are not willing to pay $19.95/$24.99 at this moment. The best way to combat this is to use an intelligent and informed rebuttal, do this by keeping the conversation going don't get flustered or aggravated Listen Think & Respond. Show empathy with the customer let them know you are here to solve their problem, remember we have to make the customers objections seem miniscule and offer a reasonable
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It's a win win situation you can't loose with this offer.” If the customer still says they don't have a card we have to give them every option available such as “Is there someone there that understands what your going through that could let you use their card and you could give them the cash?” or “Is there someone that you can call to help you out with this I don't mind holding while we figure this out?” This particular objection can seem tough at first again DONT GET FRUSTRATED display your dedication in finding a solution for the customer.

Objection: “I'm going to think about it” this particular objection should make our blood boil. What's to think about after talking to a knowledgeable advocate such as yourself, Right?
Rebuttal: “ I totally understand but don't you agree that the best way to think about this product is to actually use it in your home and get real time results, because that is exactly what this Risk-Free promotion is about” or “I totally understand but let's be honest with ourselves are you really going to go home and think about having clear skin? We all know life is hectic and putting this off will only make that clear and healthy skin be further out of your reach we are halfway there its time to take control” remember some of these customers are very indecisive we need to be the deciding factor in the phone call and we do this by displaying confidence in our rebuttals.

Objection: “I need to talk to” this is usually just the
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