Objective Evaluation of Foods

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LABORATORY EXERCISE 1 Objective Evaluation of Foods By Jessa Mae L. Cubero Ana Rica S. Navarra Abegail Nicca S. Oafallas Submitted On 9 December 2008 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction……….3 An overview on Food Evaluation 3 The Importance of Evaluation and Analysis on Food Science 3 Objectives of the Laboratory Exercise 3 Keywords: Words on Focus 4 Methodology……….4 Measurement of Weight/Volume of Foods 4 Determination of Colors of Foods 5 Determination of pH of foods 5 Determination of Titratable…show more content…
The “On Tare” button was pressed to achieve a 0.00 reading. As soon as this reading have stabilized, the liquid samples which were filtered first, were placed on the metal plate and their respective weights were recorded. The volume of the samples were taken using a graduated cylinder. The equipment provided only had a 100-ml capacity so the group had to measure several times. Step 1 Step 2 The instant coffee, since it is in powder form, was diluted first with the appropriate amount of hot water as recommended on the back labels of the container. Determination of Colors of Foods In determining the color of the liquid samples, the Munsell Book of Colors was used as a tool. First, the group transferred a small amount of both samples, about 20 ml, in separate 50-ml beakers. The color measuring tool was transferred into an area in the room where the lightning is most sufficient. As the liquid samples were placed near pages, the group made sure that the sample would not touch the color plates as much as possible since these plates are calibrated. As soon as the color chart close to the color of the sample was chosen, a small white paper was covered on the near matching color boxes surrounding the suspected shade. When the final color was already selected, recording of the values for
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