Objective List Theory

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Nevertheless, the objections to the theory are not true as they point out that the theory has two major flaws. In which the Objective list theory does not require someone to have pleasure all the time, such as the “bite the bullet [approach]” (Findler, PowerPoint). Which states that people have to endure pain or unpleasant situation which are unavoidable, but by going through these situations you are able to gain more pleasure from the situations you are able to gain more pleasure from the situations you are able to control. This contradicts the statement that the Objective list theory that people have certain experiences, even if they do not want to enjoy them. But by experiencing these unavoidable situations you gain more pleasure from the situations that you enjoy and actually want to experience.…show more content…
This view was also seen by Aristotle, who says “what makes these things intrinsically valuable is that they express our nature as rational and social beings” (Findler, PowerPoint). Aristotle believes that to be human you actually need to express ourselves within reality, rather than being stuck within the Experience machine/Pleasure machine in which you will not be able to express your true self to others. By doing so you are blocking out your natural human instincts of socializing with others. By being stuck in machine you are denying your natural human
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