Objective Tinnitus Case Study

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The uncomfortable pain of Objective Tinnitus is common in many individuals who yet are unaware of the hearing issue they may have. This research was conducted to determine if there was a method for Objective Tinnitus to be reduced or eliminated. A 38- year old women with objective tinnitus and sensorineural hearing loss in her right ear was tested over 2 years (Champlin, Muller, Mitchell, 1990, 817). Surgical procedures were performed using therapeutic embolization. Other testing methods used were computerized axial tomography (CAT), and a miniature microphone system (Champlin, Muller, Mitchell, 1990, 816). These were used to identify if there were any abnormalities on the brain or auditory system. The data recorded showed that the amplitude measurements used in left and right ear for ambient and suppressed conditions were similar. Spectrum energy of tinnitus was “concentrated base on frequency below 2000 hertz (Hz) and often exceeding 40 (decibels) sound pressure level (SPL)” (Champlin, Muller, Mitchell, 1990, 818). Both Spectrum ambient and suppressed conditions used 16 and 4 samples to measure the frequency of the threshold. After assessing the participant, the internal jugular vein resulted in a reduction…show more content…
As mentioned by McFadden, (1982) “tinnitus is a ‘conscious experience of a sound that originates in the head of its owner’” (Champlin, Muller, Mitchell, 1990, 816). This means that the individual hears sounds such ringing, buzzing, static, roaring as other sounds. Tinnitus can be classified by either two ways objective or sensorineural. Objective tinnitus is when the sound is able to be heard by the person experiencing it as well by the examiner (Champlin, Muller, Mitchell, 1990, 816). The purpose of the research was to measure the acoustics of objective tinnitus and identify a method for bruits to be reduced or eliminated (Champlin, Muller, Mitchell, 1990,
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