Objectives And Goals Of An Operational Strategy

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An operational strategy is a plan of action employed by an organization that basically provides a framework of how the organization should be managed by all stakeholders to achieve the set objectives and goals of the organization. An operational system ought to have the capacity to outline the company 's usage of its asset in the creation of a good, item, or service. Organizations define operations methodologies in view of the styles and needs of the management. Differentiation strategy is one of the several operational strategies that LensCrafters use in its operations. LensCrafters is a global leader in the retail of non-prescription sunglasses and prescription eye wear. LensCrafters was started in 1983 by Dean Butler in the United…show more content…
In addition, the company offers a ninety-day guarantee to clients without conditions and in case the clients are not satisfied, they are allowed to return the products and have their money refunded or exchanged with another product that they deem fit for the client. This strategy is to make sure that customers are happy and satisfied with the products that they purchase. Hence this strategy have continued to propel the organization ahead of its competitors and thus being able to remain sustainable in spite of changes in the business environment.
Customer loyalty is a major subject that has frequently been addressed in the service and marketing literature. The consideration of several scholars taking part in discovering the customer loyalty’s contributing factor and their effects in the industries of service delivery have been drawn to the issues around loyalty service organizations. Significant number of these researches are in agreement that the satisfaction of a customer is core in determining factors of customer loyalty (Kumar, Batista, & Maull, 2011, p. 158). Low perceived value forces clients to switch to businesses that are competing so as to raise the perceived value that subsequently plays a role in loyalty drop. It has been found in the recent research that perceived trust is positively and directly influential in the matter of

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