Objectives And Objectives Of An Organization

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Development of strategy is vital for every organization as it entails mission and vision statement, goals and objectives, strategic direction of an organisation. So strategy is course of actions that are carried out by the organisation to achieve the desired target or goals and objectives. Strategic direction is also important part of strategy and its responsibility is of strategic managers. In general, strategic managers are employed by organisations who carry out the actions for correct and supportable decision making related to the strategic direction of the company. To develop strategic direction and strategic decision, managers need to develop their personal and professional skills so that he can fulfil the demands of…show more content…
in effective and impressive way. This is related to ideas as how they born and shared with other people. Listening is important fragment of communication skill and without it, there is not any possibility of communication. The main role of strategic managers is not only to make strategic directions for the other team member who stand with him, but also to develop strategic goals and objectives and vision and mission statements. He need to pay attention to innovative ideas suggested by the staff or other employees so that as much communication, they can share more ideas. So there should not be any problem related to communicate with workers and other managers. There are several ways for communication to be done for example, emails, phones, conferences, meetings, presentations, interviews (face to face or on phone) and selection of appropriate medium in appropriate situation is characteristic of effective strategic managers. Problem solving skills: this skill is about the ability to identify the problem and then analyze it and finding the appropriate measures for the resolution of problematic situations. Throughout the accomplishment of strategic aims, there can be problems occurred so that if strategic manager have good problem solving
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