Objectives And Objectives Of Strategic Planning

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Q1) a) Planning is the act of determining where the organization wants to go and how it will get there. It is the act of determining what to do, how to do it, and why the organization should do. While it sounds as if my friend is actively taking part in planning, she is only seeing part of it, my friend appears to be contributing to the operational aspect of planning and therefore is not a part of the other planning areas specifically strategic and programmatic. All three are necessary to devise a through and successful organizational wide plan and all three interact with each other in the management control process. Only if all three are realized, will the benefits of effective strategic planning be met. Strategic planning is the organizations ability to identify what programs or strategies the organization will undertake over a specific period of time. These decisions are based on setting a goal or following the organizations mission, “decisions are made within the context of the goals and strategies that emerged from the strategic formulation activity.” Once these plans are established and shared, managers can staff and take on specific tasks accordingly. The operational planning is the area is the area the friend is discussing. Managers and supervisors record the various inputs to establish accounts that help “coordinate and control current operation of the organization.” This information helps managers identify shortcomings, areas that may need additional
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