Objectives Of A Research Project Management

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Aim & Objectives of the study Aim of the research The aim of the study is to assess the relevancy, usefulness and the associated benefits of BIM and the advantages of its parametric feature in construction project management, and then suggesting ways in which such findings could help stakeholders to determine on whether BIM will be suitable and beneficial or not for their proposed projects and then take decision either to use BIM or not based on their convictions. Objectives of the research 1. To find out what BIM stands for, how it has evolved over the years and its connection with project management. 2. To find out the situations of the construction industry in management of projects without the application of BIM. 3. To find out the features of BIM that give it added advantages on management of projects. 4. To examine application of BIM at various stages of construction project’s life cycle. 5. To determine how BIM is useful and beneficial to various stakeholders in construction projects and to assess such benefits. 6. To assess the limitations to BIM and make recommendations on how efficiency and effectiveness can be improved in the future on construction project management. Research Questions How was the situation of construction project management without the intervention of BIM? Is there any relationship, similarity or connection between BIM and project management context? How can we consider the use of BIM to be efficient and effective (Useful &beneficial) in
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