Objectives Of A Strategic Planning Process

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Many organizations look for means to meet long term goals and look for ways of planning on how to meet these long term goals. One of the most commonly used methods of planning for these goals is the strategic planning process. The strategic planning process is a process that helps organizations define their business objectives and looks at internal/ external situations to strategize a plan on how to implement and keep the plan on track for the organization to strive and succeed. The strategic planning process is a multiply step process that helps an organization. There are eleven steps to the strategic planning processes that helps an organization prepare for the planning process to reviewing the process after it has been implemented to…show more content…
Once an organization has properly prepared for the strategic planning process and the organization is ready to move forward to the next stage in the process. The next stage in the planning process is a review and a revision of the organization’s vision, mission, values, and so on. During this stage of the process the organization will look at it’s current vision, mission, and values to determine do they meet and clearly define the mission and goals of the organization. Once a determination has been made on these areas, if the vision, mission, and values of the organization don’t match the direction and goals the organization is wanting to go; these will be revised and updated to better suit the organization’s current path. The next stage of the process is to gather data to change the input to planning. The data is gathered in different forms. The data comes from environmental scans, SWOT analysis, SABSA, and scenario planning. The environmental scans take wide outside looks at the external data for opportunities which evaluates barriers, suppliers, and customers. The SWOT analysis looks at determining an organizations strengths and weaknesses, and works toward prioritizing their opportunities and threats, and pushes the planning process forward. The SABSA model which stands for
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