Objectives Of Air Arabia

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Air Arabia is the first budget friendly airline in the Middle East, which began in 2003. Air Arabia’s goal was to be a known budget friendly airline across the Middle East and North Africa. The main hub of Air Arabia is Sharjah International Airport which is located in United Arab Emirates and Also in Mohamed V Airport in Casablanca, Morocco. It was around 2006 when Air Arabia reached a growing point because as inflation occurs people decided to travel for a cheaper price. Since it’s growth Air Arabia operates in 40 different location making it one of the most reliable budget airlines in the Middle East and the world. Air Arabia flies to several different continents which are Asia, Africa and Europe. The current CEO of Air Arabia is Adel Ali and he has transformed a small budget airline to a well known airline across the Middle East. The current slogan of Air Arabia is “Air Arabia, Pay Less Fly More.”

Question 1:
Travel Agents:
Air Arabia has plenty of offices all across Asia and the Middle East. Travel agents have been part of the huge success of Air Arabia’s campaign. Travel agents in Air Arabia help clients find the best deals while traveling with Air
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The 4 hubs are Ahmedabad International Airport in India, King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, Cochin International Airport in Kochi, India and Cairo International Airport in Egypt. These airports welcome Air Arabia flights everyday to their country and because of this these airports have become busier in the last couple of years because of the high demand for traveling with affordable prices. These airports are the primary airports and they allow Air Arabia to land at their main airport because they consider Air Arabia as a serious airline and by allowing Air Arabia to operate at their main base the airport will gain more attention and more profit from Air Arabia and also customers from Air Arabia can transport from the airport to the central city because it's a primary
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