Objectives Of Playing Millionaire

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Based on this case study, as stated earlier on, the objective of playing millionaire is to own as much properties and gain profit by selling or renting it among the players. Players move around the game board buying or trading properties, developing their properties with their houses and hotel, and collecting rent from their opponents, with the goal to drive them into bankruptcy. Therefore, there are three parameters that we have considered while collecting some data regarding this game which are dice rolls, the property and going in and out of jail. These three parameters are all dependent with each other.
The game begins by having each player to roll the dice to decide who goes first. Whoever rolls the highest number goes first, and play then clockwise around the board. It is the best way to
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There are three possible ways for the players to end up in jail which are : by landing on the Go to Jail space, by drawing a “Go to Jail” Chance card or either by rolling three doubles continuously. If a player is in jail, they do not take their normal turn and must either pay a fine of RM50 to be released from jail, use a Chance or Fate “Get Out of Jail Free card”, or they can try to roll doubles on the dice. If the player fails to roll doubles they lose their turn. Failure to roll doubles in their third turn will result in paying the RM50 fine to be released. Moreover, when the player is in jail, they may not buy any property directly because they are currently not moving around and does not land on any properties on the board. Nevertheless, they may sell, trade and mortgage properties, purchase buildings, and collect rents while they are in jail. If the player does roll doubles to exit jail, they may immediately move according to the roll, but they cannot roll a second time after exiting jail. Therefore, there are changes in probability to land upon the ideal property if the players end up in
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