Objectives Of Rebranding / Logo Project

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Objectives: The objectives of the Rebranding/ Logo Project summarized as follows: 1. To bring greater name recognition to higher end clientele through a new professional name and professional modernized appearance. 2. No to exceed a budget of $60,000 for the completion of full rebranding. With logo and name rebrand to not exceed more than $10,000. 3. To have the new branding ready for announcement at the 2016 Print World Trade Show on November 19, 2016 complete with press release, collateral material, and speaking points for stakeholders. Strategic Importance: The project is key to the business goals and plan for modernization of the company and the company’s footprint within the market. As the project manager, for the future of the company, this is the of the upmost priority with the launch of the rebranding to be announced at the 2016 Print World trade Show on November 19, 2016 and all of the following metrics must be met for the project to be a success. • Vendor selection through RFP • Design of new brand/ logo • Market testing of new brand/ logo • Develop Marketing Plan for new brand launch o November 19, 2016 marketing campaign through social media & print media. o November 20, 2016 marketing campaign through radio and television. • Printing of new collateral material (i.e. Business cards, envelopes, letter heads, invoices, etc.) Project Costs: Project launch costs are not to exceed $10,000. • Fixed contract with selected vendor: $6,000 • Market testing: $1,500 •
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