Objectives Of Taj Hotel

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Research Methodology


The specific aims of the study are to:-
• Analyze the current situation of the hospitality industry in India.
• Provide insight and estimates for the development the industry in the country.
• Identify the opportunities that the industry has and might be subjected to in the future.
• Identify the constraints to be overcome by the industry to overshadow the possible threats and frictional factors.
• Analysis of how the competition within the industry among the various key players has affected the service outcomes.

Scope of the study

This study focuses on the key players in the industry of hospitality in India (Taj Hotels, resorts, and Palaces, The Leela palaces, Hotels and Resorts, ITC Hotels). Review
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• The study focuses only on the major players in the industry. Hospitality in India is a very vast industry and hence the study isn’t a generalization of the industry in any form. The data is much more varied and unevenly formed when extended to the boundaries of this vast industry in India.



Taj Hotels

Strength:- o Gathering involves 93 hotels in 55 areas crosswise over India with an extra 16 global ends of the line. o Worker quality in excess of 13000 individuals. o The ideal experience of Indian extravagance living. o Worker maintenance because of great brand picture. o Thought to be the most premium lodging network in India. o Top-of-the-brain brand recall.

Weakness:- o Restricted piece of the overall industry because of intense rivalry from global and household players implies. o Terrorist assaults left an inquiry over the security.

Opportunity:- o Present better membership plans. o Enhance cleanliness measures. o Move up to universal strategies for
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o Contenders moving up to worldwide guidelines of hard working attitude. o Desire of customers regarding technological improvement.

The Leela Hotels

Strengths:- o High brand recall. o One of the key players in the luxury hotel segment o More than 7 five star hotels, 2128 rooms in the country o Alliance with Kempinski Group of Hotels, ESPA, Global Hotel Alliance and the preferred Hotel Group o All hotels are located in premium areas of the cities
o High interest expenses are hampering net income. o Limited market share due to tough competition from international and domestic players. o Overseas expansion will be difficult since Leela is known for ethnicity in offerings.

Opportunity:- o Domestic and Foreign Travel Spending is growing. o Indian hotels have a low occupancy rate as compared to other hotels. o There is a shortage of 150000 rooms in India.

Threats:- o Political turbulence because of the monetary
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