Objectives Of The Millennium Development Goals

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The Millennium Development Goals are a blueprint that was agreed on by the nations of the world to meet the needs of the world’s poor and are to be achieved by 2015. They are to eliminate poverty globally in all its forms. These goals are continually checked through their indicators that determine how much progress has been made. Reports have been done to keep track of progress. The United Nations partners with many agencies, governments, donors and regional commissions in the achievement of the millennium development goals. These include the World Bank, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Monetary fund, World Health Organization and International Labour Organization among others.
This report analyses the targets to MDG 1, MDG 5 and MDG 7. They are important for various reasons. The first goal is important since it vital for human and economic development. Undernourished and malnourished people have poor physical and cognitive development therefore threatening the future task force as they will be unproductive. Conflicts occur in a region as people compete for the scarce resources. The achievement of MDG 5 is vital towards eradication of poverty since when maternal health is provided; it ensures that more mothers are in good health. Healthy women are a better workforce for the country and ability to support their families. The environment is a social capital for the poor. Moreover, these targets have marked the greatest achievement as most of…
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