Objectives Of The Operations Of Housing And Facilities For U.s. Military Personnel

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document. Under LogCap III and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), KBR built and maintained the majority of U.S. military bases in Iraq. In terms of the value chain disaggregation, the focus of this paper will be on the maintenance of housing and facilities for U.S. military personnel in the Iraqi theater of operation. Value Chain Considerations In terms of LogCap III, to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, KBR must disaggregate the value chain and focus on activities affecting cost, price, or both in relation to the services offered by competitive rivals (Porte, 1985). Wherever possible, KBR should focus on differentiation by providing value through a unique mix of services. For example, economies of scale, achieved through the value…show more content…
Inbound logistics – Property and materials are the lifeline for the continuing operations of base camps. Tangible assets are considered to be property. Tangible property may include vehicles, tools, generators, sanitation, sleeping containers, coolers for food and many other items. Materials include consumables that are used to sustain day to day activities to complete the mission. Property and material must be accounted for throughout the materials life-cycle. Consequently, from the time a purchase order is generated through consumption of materials, or disposition for property, each items must be tracked through the approved system of record. 2. Operations – Operations is the nerve center for the base camp. The site manager oversees the operations of the base camp. The site manager coordinates KBR’s services with the Mayors Cell. In terms of O&M, all service requests are initiated through the Service Desk controlled by operations. 3. Outbound logistics – In a war zone, outbound operations are an extremely important aspect of the mission. The timely delivery of property and materials, from outside vendors, may be challenging. As a result, when the need arises, base camps and forward operating bases (FOB’s) “borrow” materials from one another. Consequently, outbound logistics is fundamentally important to the success of the mission. Outbound logistic activities are initiated through a

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