Objectives Of The Summer Relationship: IBM

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OBJECTIVES OF THE SUMMER INTERNSHIP IBM is an IT based company which provides solutions for businesses and industries from all sectors if they are connected to IT. IBM has a great range of products ranging from IT services, Business consultancy and self assessment tools. So therefore my job was to comply with the objectives of the organisation and learn about the products and services and services offered by the company , understand their usage and implementation in the organisations and contact the target market regarding their demands and need of the product and what all they want from the products and modifications in the products so that we can help them provide the best possible products under one roof and satisfy their demand and needs accordingly. The ultimate objective of my summer internship was to contact the target market and provide them with complete organisation restructuring and providing the existing customers with better and latest…show more content…
• IBM is the largest and most profitable industry in the worl with a value of 66 billion dollars, they have more than 500000 employees worldwide. WEAKNESS • IBM’s size can also be its weakness. With a huge size it can slower to react to customers needs and wants as well as industry fluctuations. And its more than 500000 employees can find it dificult for services and support needed. • Enormous operating costs and competitiors eating into their market share forced them in 2010 to buy back shares worth 8 billion dollars. • Servers and storage which account for about 20% of IBM’s revenue has declined to 16% and a 6% decline in margins.

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