Objectives and Role of Advertising in Communication

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1.1.1 Communication and Advertising In general, communication is simply transmitting of ideas, information, messages, experiences etc between two parties i.e. sender and receiver. In terms of marketing, sender will be the firm and receiver will be the target audience. Advertising is any paid form or non personal presentation of messages to the target audience, sponsored by any firm or organization Communication plays a vital role in advertising process. The messages and information to be advertised are sent to the target audience by the help of communication process. It also gets feedback from the costumer which will help the firm to take necessary steps to bring modifications in their advertisement. 1.1.2 Objectives and role of…show more content…
6. Identification:- It consists of logo, brand name, signature, trademark, address of the company etc for identification of company and its products and the USP of product. 1.1.5. Role of Creative Visualiser in Developing Ad Copy Creative visualiser has 5 roles to carry out in developing ad copy which are:- 1. Immersion:- Firstly, visualiser has to gather and collect information about the product, its features etc in mind. Then these informations have to be analyzed and plans relating to what to write in the ad have to be prepared. Both conscious and subconscious minds are used for immersion of ideas. 2. Ideation:- Visualiser has to think how to present the ad using what kind of words, which size and color, what kind of logo and slogans etc. he has to specify how and what to present in the ad. 3. Incubation:- with the help from the technicians, artists, the ideas generated by vissualiser are laid out in the ad. Visualiser generates the idea and the artists and technicians work accordingly. 4. Illumination: - Visualiser also has to deal with trick photography. He has to think about such trick photographs to be included in the ad. 5. Verification:- visualiser has to verify whether the layout was done according to his plan or not. If not, corrections are to be made. 1.1.6. Factors to be considered while Preparing Ad Copy for different Media Vehicles There are different media
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