Objectives and Uses: Multiple Award Construction Contract

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There are various clauses that I would like to change. Firstly, I would like to change th principle about the job going to the lowest contracting bidder. Although seemingly best for taxpayer, it can be end up being more costly since the job can be performed in a shanty manner. Other methods and measurements should be introduced so that price should not be the only factor. One such may be the proviso that the government should also consider the technicalities of the proposal and take into auction too the specific merits of the bidders in completing and fulfilling the various job tasks. Other proposals may be how they understand emerging tehcnogloiy, deal with the changing en environment, and are able to streamline and fit according to schedule. Each should also be judged according t the nature of th e unique and particular need of the specific hiring organization and the project under discussion. NASA, for instance, has set for itself its objectives and uses a Multiple-Award Construction Contract to achieve them. Here subcontractors are assessed on the way that they complete past jobs and when given indefinite tasks are awarded and judged with further one if they complete them satisfactorily. Contact and attribution of job, in other words, is given in accordance with appraisal of contractor's ability t meet the organization's objectives and on their having satisfactorily completed project. The Solution Order Contract is one example of the Multiple-Award

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